Zanma 4 "Gasoline Engine Centrifugal Pump Cast Iron Pumper Start Pumping

Technical parameters of centrifugal cast iron pump for 4 inch gasoline engine in zanma, Shanghai:
Model No.: ZMQG100-50-25
Brand: Zama zanma
Type of pump: Centrifugal pump, cast iron pump
Unit part:
Inlet diameter: 100mm(4 inches)
Exit diameter: 100mm(4 inches)
Calibrated flow: 50 m3/h(50 cubic metres per hour)
Maximum flow: 65 m3/h(65 cubic metres per hour)
Maximum lift: 25M
Calibrated lift: 20m
Maximum suction: 7M
Engine section:
Engine model: ZM170F
Engine type: single cylinder, four stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine
Displacement: 207cc
Maximum power: 7.5 HP
Maximum speed: 3,600 RPM
Fuel consumption rate: 395g / kW.h.
How to start: Handpull Start
Fuel type: unleaded gasoline for vehicles, gasoline No. 92 or above
Lubricant Model: SAE15W/40
Fuel tank volume: 3.6 L
Oil tank volume: 0.6 L
Packaging section:
Machine size: 500x400x450mm
Packing size: 510 X 410 X 470MM
Boxes: cartons
Net weight: 30kg
Gross weight: 35kg
20 feet cabinet packing capacity: 180 units
Standard random accessories:(including two sets of inlet, outlet silk buckle and connector, sealing, etc., spark plug sleeve wrench, filter net cover, water pipe clamping 3 sets)
Note: The water pump is made of all aluminum joints, including water pipe joints, filters, and no water pipes.
Zama generator pump, make life better in the city and countryside!

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